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Emmanuel Lubezki Video Essay ‘Making Beautiful Movies’ Pays Tribute to the Master Cinematographer —

While presenting Emmanuel Lubezki with the Best Cinematography prize at the 2014 LAFCA Awards, Kirk Honeycutt referred to the celebrated DP as an auteur. That designation is usually reserved for directors, but in “Chivo’s” case it fits — few artists’ or technicians’ work is so immediately recognizable. James Hayes would likely agree, as he’s put together a new video essay called “Emmanuel Lubezki: Making Beautiful Movies.” Watch it below.

The video includes clips from Lubezki’s best-known work, including “The Revenant,” “Children of Men,” “Gravity” and “The Tree of Life.” Hayes draws attention to Lubezki’s use of lighting to create a sense of realism as well as his affinity for low angles, narrating as he goes: “What Chivo does is something different,” he says of those low angles. “It’s a perspective to us as human beings that’s extremely real.”

Lubezki won three consecutive Academy Awards between 2014–16 for “Gravity,” “Birdman” and “The Revenant”; he had previously been nominated five times. His most recent film is Terrence Malick’s “Song to Song.”

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