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SupernovaFx provides excellent services with the commitments. We dedicate our heart and soul what we do. As per the clients growing Visual Effects demands we always prepare to fulfill it.

We do provide Compositing, Prep, Rotoscope, Matchmoving, VFX and Stereoscopic services.

We are basically specialized in VFX.

We also provide On Set VFX Supervision and Film Production services.

Visual Effects Services

Compositing & Matte Painting

We can construct a photo-realistic environment to fit seamlessly into any scene. Do you want us to complete your shot with a City, a jungle mountains landscape, or an empty stadium with a crowd.

We can do all things.


We provide 2D digital plates for compositing. We work with each pixel on your original shots.

We can do Rig removal,  Wire removal, Face cleanup, Markers removing.

We don't hesitate to work on 4K footages.
We have worked on 6K, 8K footages as well.


We can solve any complexive camera movement. Is it pan, tilt, pan, zoom , pedestal or dolly movement, we can solve it. Or you want to track an object, Rotomation of character we can do that as well.


Is there 100 characters running in a shot, it is a defocused shot, a motion blur shot.

We can provide you promising quality of rotoscope mattes with the commitment.

CGI & Animation

SupernovaFX provides hyperrealistic 3d modeling, texturing, Lighting services.

We have provided 3D services for Films, Games and Architectural projects.


We visualize your story and provide storyboard to Post, Pre-Vis service.

Pencil to Inking/ coloring - everything.

Augmented Reality - AR,

Virtual Reality - VR

SupernovaFX provides AR, VR services. It is changing for simulation tech. 

VR Driving
Man in VR Scene

On Set Supervision

On Set VFX Supervision and Film Production Services

We provide film production and location services for film, television, commercials and corporate video productions.

We support out-of-town and overseas producers and production companies on their shoots in across the India and overseas also.

We have worked on few Indian well known films and commercials.

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