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Finally the Trailer is here, David Lynch welcomes your Twin Peaks fan theories!

He might not like people with cameras buzzing around the set like so many fat black flies on the severed ear of art, but David Lynch is actually pretty fond of Twin Peaks fan theories. He says as much in some interview snippets incorporated into an Entertainment Weekly column about the show, explaining that “Twin Peaks is a mystery that holds other mysteries,” and why wouldn’t you want to investigate those?

The article also contains the charming revelation that the 71-year-old director used to read theories printed out from primitive BBS online bulletin boards during the show’s initial run in the early ‘90s. “One day I went into the studio where we were shooting and they showed me this stack of papers that was from the internet, this brand new kind of thing.

There were no pictures, there was just typing,” he says, with the clarity of expression achievable only through prolonged exploration of the subconscious mind through meditation. “And the papers they showed me, it was just people talking about the show. People talking, thinking, sharing ideas, being like detectives, seeing what they make of certain things, trying to figure things out and to share ideas. It was a beautiful thing.”

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