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Watch Original 360-Degree Content On Digital Domain’s New App

Digital Domain unveiled a 360-degree camera and production tool-set that will better equip creators for VR broadcasting and publishing. Today they’re putting the content itself at the forefront, announcing a new application that will collect both Digital Domain’s original creations and their live-broadcasted events. Their growing collection of in-house produced content and experiences from partners warrants the new application, available today.

“In 2016 we saw significant advances in devices for virtual reality experiences,” said Amit Chopra, the Executive Director and CEO of North America at Digital Domain, in the press release for the announcement. “From mobile phones to room-scale VR systems, there are more ways than ever to explore virtual reality. However, there’s now a tremendous demand for new and engaging VR content for the audiences using those devices. At Digital Domain, we’re leveraging our visual effects artistry and technology to produce VR storytelling experiences that inspire audiences. Our new app is our platform for sharing our live streamed and curated VR experiences with the world.”

This new application bridges the gap between Digital Domain and their audience, simplifying the experience and bringing it to all the major VR devices. Many similar apps spring up from different production and creative groups, so how does this one differ?

“The Digital Domain app is about premium content, including both live streaming events and episodic content. It is unique in the market from that perspective,” says Vice President of VR Platform and Apps for Digital Domain Dhruv Gupta, whom we reached out to via email. “You will also see innovations in the type of content we offer, beyond just passive video. It is serialized content that will drive consumers to come back to their VR devices again and again. If VR is to displace the television, it will be serialized content that makes it happen, and we will continue to release new episodic series throughout 2017.”

The need for serialized content is a popular sentiment in VR right now. It also helps that the premium content gets tons of views and Gupta shared with us that they’ve achieved that milestone with Gorilla Doctors and World Surf League content among others.

You can check it all out for yourself right now as the app was released for free today and already includes a solid collection of content including the trailer for their original series Monkey King, which is slated to release this quarter. Download it for iOS, Android, and Gear VR.

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