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Supernova FX is a Team of creative, imaginative and inspirational artists. Since the Studio was founded we have continued to build strong business relationships with a commitment to providing outstanding service and the highest quality Visual Effects for Television, Film, Advertising, and Gaming Industries.

Supernova FX creative team includes not only artists but a vast array of experience from different sectors of the VFX and multimedia industry, enabling us to provide the flexibility to undertake diverse projects of any size and complexity. We specialize in Visual Effects Compositing, Match-moving/ Rotomation,

Clean up/Prep for all forms of media. Our artist have worked on well known blockbuster features like Transformers, RIPD, Life of Pi, Percy Jackson- The sea Monsters.

Not only post production but we do provide on set production services also for film and commercials. There are talented Directors, Cinematographers, Film Producers, and on set VFX supervisors working with us.

 Our aim is to Offer Cost effective, and efficient solutions of the highest standards.

SupernovaFX Studios Roto Paint Matchmove Showreel 2024

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